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DT22 Detailer's All Purpose Cleaner

Applications: Detailer all purpose cleaner for interior and exterior

Benefits & Features:

  • A powerful cleaner that safely cleans any washable surface on a vehicle
  • Fast foaming formula lifts dirt
  • Ideal for cleaning most interior surfaces
  • Removes and emulsifies oils, grease and grime quickly
  • May be used as an interior spotter at heavier dilutions
  • Safe on engine compartments, tires, wheel wells, paint wheels, and more
  • Scent: Tropical coconut lime
  • Color: Green
  • Dilution: 20-40:1 Light Duty Cleaner; 4-10:1 HD Cleaner; 10-16:1 Interior Spotter 
  • Recommended Dilutions

    20-40:1 Light Duty Cleaner, 4-10:1 HD Cleaner, 10-16:1 Interior Spotter

  • SDS and Ingredient Info

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