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More Cars

The tunnel car wash is designed for higher car counts. More cars equals more profit. Our conveyor tunnel washes can handle more than 1000 washes per day.

Better Performance

Carlavo's premium equipment systems create cleaner, shinier, and dryer cars. Every vehicle that leaves your wash will have your customers raving for more. 

Measured Metrics

Progress is made when progress is measured. Leave the hard work to us- cost per car, ROI, titration, we can help you capture all the important metrics to put more money in your pocket. 

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Tunnel Options

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Every tunnel wash is different. Whether its a 75' Mini Tunnel or a 200' Express Tunnel, we've got you covered. We put in the work to optimize your space for a premium wash that will boost your ROI and keep your customers happy. Even if you have existing or different equipment, we can always get the job done.

Carlavo helps their clients stay ahead of the competition by providing industry-leading equipment, experience, maintenance, and even marketing materials. 



We know you want to offer something "different" to your customers - something that your competitors can't match. Belanger's SpinLite® equipment brings you the opportunity to build a loyal customer base with an entirely new approach to car wash. For dealerships and other large-volume customers, check out Belanger's Insta-Kleen for an unmatched cleaning and performance.

Motor City Wash Works

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Utilize Motor City's powerful and innovative cleaning technology to maximize your revenue and customer satisfaction. As industry veterans, Motor City washes and components are customizable, modern, and profit-producing. Faster throughput, more uptime, and cleaner cars.

Mini Tunnels


Don't have enough space for a full sized tunnel? No problem. Mini tunnels give you all the throughput and profitability of a large tunnel with less space and less initial investment. Contact us today for more information. 

Parts and Maintenance

Have an existing wash? Carlavo's top-notch maintenance team will swiftly take care of any problems and help prevent them from ever happening in the first place. Keeping your wash running is of upmost importance to your ROI. Click the button to learn more about our replacement parts, preventative maintenance package, and more. 

Tunnel Wash Chemistry


Tunnels can be very personalized and specific in the chemicals it needs to be successful. Carlavo chemical reps are professionally certified to know how to make your wash clean cars in the best way possible. Carlavo Supertrates deliver a powerful clean in a super-concentrated form to not only save you money, but save the environment too.


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